Dream Play - Cat C

Ace Gaming offers a stunning five game compendium housed in the Dream Play cabinet for the U.K Cat C market.

Dream Play Compendium

As a fully compliant operating system, Dream Play offers player satisfaction along with the security and financial peace of mind demanded by our operators.

The Terminal
  • Cabinet - The high security Video cabinet had been used in the Uk market for a number of years and has proved to be both highly functional as well as providing the security which is essential in the gaming business.
  • Acceptors - The terminal uses the highly reliable Taiko note accepter and an SR5i coin acceptor.
  • Operating System - The Video terminal run the Ace Gaming ALPHA 1 operating system.

The Dream Play system currently boasts a range of exciting reel based games

Product Description (PDF)

Player screen - game selection

The Dream Play terminal offers the player a selection of games, which vary from 3 to 5 reels and from 5 to 20 win lines with a variety of features including, free games, multipliers, pots and many more.

The player may choose from staking 10p - £1 per game.

All our terminals display our selection of great games for the player to select

Look out for the 'New Game' banners which highlight our newest releases.

On-Site Attendant Screen

Depending on their permissions the on-site attendants have a number of options available to them via the various 'Operator Consoles'. Options include:

  • Refill Coins
  • Set date and time
  • Volume control
  • Meters
  • Game options
  • Hopper Functions
  • Logs