Each Way Nudger - Cat C Lite/Cat D

Another of the recent release of games into the Retro cabinet is Each Way Nudger. An old classic with a proven track record, Each Way Nudger is a hit with old and new players alike.
Each Way Nudger

Each Way Nudger makes a return to the Cat C Lite/Cat D sectors. Offering switchable price of play and jackpot, the game includes the 'stop a nudge' up/down feature as well as the classic gamble.

The Cabinet

The Retro cabinet has that 'old style' look but with all the modern security features today's market demands. Included in the cabinet are:

  • Stereo Speakers
  • Secure logic area
  • V2 Eagle Coin acceptor
  • Optional NV11 Note acceptor
  • Pluto 6 Technology
  • Money Control Compact Hoppers

Product Description (PDF)