Czech Dream VLT

The Ace Gaming VLT system has been in operation in the Czech market since 2008 proving to be a successful and secure addition to the Video Lottery Terminal sector.

DreamVLT System

As a fully compliant operating system the Dream VLT offers player satisfaction along with the security and financial peace of mind demanded by our partners.

The Terminal
  • Cabinet - The high security Dream VLT cabinet had been used in the Czech market for a number of years and has proved to be both highly functional as well as providing the security which is essential in the gaming business.
  • Acceptors - The terminal uses the highly reliable NV200 for note acceptance and ticket redemption. Notes accepted go from 100kc all the way up to 5000kc.
  • Ticket Printer - All our Dream VLT terminals come fitted with the Ithica 950 ticket printer which has proved of the years to be the most reliable and secure ticket printer out there.
  • Operating System - The DreamVLT terminals all run using the Ace Gaming ALPHA 1 operating system.

The DreamVLT system currently boasts a range of exciting games, including Roulette, Poker and reel based games

Player screen - game selection

The Dream VLT terminal offers the player a selection of games which vary from 3 to 5 reels and from 5 to 81 win lines with a variety of features from free games to multipliers to massive progressive pots and many more.

The player may choose from staking 5kc per game all the way up to a gigantic 1000kc.

All our terminals display the top 3 games played on that particular machine

The Gold, Silver and Bronze progressive pot values are the main feature.

Also shown on the game select screen is an information bar which shows all the latest big wins as well as the locations they were won from across the entire operation.

Look out for the 'New Game' banners which highlight our newest releases.

On-Site Attendant Screen

Depending on their permissions the on-site attendants have a number of options available to them via the various 'Operator Consoles'. Options include:

  • Payout confirmation
  • Ticket Redemption
  • Logs
  • Volume control
  • Ticket Logs
  • Software Meters
  • Test Routines
  • VLT Reports

Back Office Controls Screen

The Dream VLT back office system is the control centre for the entire Dream VLT operation. The back office set up allows authorised staff to access data from sites, groups or from individual terminals. The amount of data available is dependent on the level of permissions they have been granted.

  • Operation - This allows an overview of the entire operation which includes a list of every machine along with the individual data, the sites they are on and the groups they are a part of.
  • Machines - This allows the operator to choose an individual machine to view.
  • Tickets - This gives an accurate overview of all tickets paid, whether they have been redeemed or not, which machine the ticket was won from, the value and serial number of the ticket and the date it was printed.
  • Users – This gives a comprehensive list of all the users along with there user names, full names and titles within the operation.
  • Financial – This allows financial reports for individual machines, sites, groups or whole operation to be viewed.
  • Games– This option when used will display a report of each of the games showing their individual performance.
  • Exel – This option allows a printer friendly report to be printer which shows the machine numbers, cash in, cash out and total profit for the requested period.
  • Server Health – Choosing this option displays the current health of the server and will highlight any problems.
  • Activity – This shows all the activity which has occurred on the server along with the user who accessed it.
  • Machine Errors – This lists all the errors which have occurred as well as the machine they occurred on and the time date they happened.
  • Software Update – This allows an operator to remotely update the software on any single terminal, group of terminals or every terminal within the operation.
  • Ticket Configuration – This allows the data which is printed on the payout tickets to be configured for the site the terminal will be placed.